Thursday, June 14, 2018

Meet the Interns: Meet Joshua!

Hey Guys!

It’s Joshua, and I’m supper excited to be a Peadbody intern for a second summer in a row! I am a rising Forth year majoring in Spanish and History and I am from Greene County, Virginia. During the 2018 Spring semester, I was enrolled in five Spanish classes and interned as a teacher’s assistant in Valencia, Spain. It was hands down the best semester of my life. When I’m not improving my Spanish skills or completing History readings, I’m usually biking, playing inner-tube water polo at the Aquatic and Fitness Center, or just hanging out with my friends in OneWay Christian Fellowship where I will be the worship leader next year. This summer, I will be writing about everything you need to know about on-Grounds dining, how to stay physically active at UVA, double majoring, study abroad, and opportunities available for students who choose to stay in Charlottesville during the summer. So, save Hoos Stories to your Favorites and get ready for my future post!

Now it’s time for pictures from a few of my favorite memories at UVA. 

First Year

During my First-year move-in day, President Teresa Sullivan and Dean Groves dropped by to say hello!

I spent my spring break in Charlottesville to learn more about social justice and was also able to be a part of a worship team through an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship program.

Second Year

Here is a victory photo after a glorious game of inner tube water polo. 

A friend encouraged me to audition for UVA's version of Blood Wedding by Federico Garcia Lorca and I found my hidden talent as an actor. 

3rd Year

I sit at the front of every football game and one day, this happened!

On a nice warm Saturday evening, my OneWay Christian Fellowship family decided to have a cookout in one of the Lawn's gardens.

Studying abroad last semester was amazing! I lived with a host family, traveled around Spain, and even learned how to cook the famous Valencian dish, paella. 

That does it for now. Remember to visit Hoos Stories again for my future post. If you are visiting Charlottesville this summer, feel free to hop on one of my tours!  

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