Monday, June 11, 2018

Meet the Interns: Meet Carly!

This week and last, we're posting a daily introduction to each of our fabulous Office of Admissions interns. These folks will be leading admissions tours this summer and are thrilled to meet & help prospective Hoos, both in-person and online. Please reach out to any or all of us with questions! We hope to see you on Grounds soon.

Hey everyone!! My name is Carly and I’m so excited to be writing on this blog for the summer!! I hope my writing gives you some insight on what being a student is like at UVA, as I write on a range of different things at UVa varying from Greek life on grounds and how to get involved with that, to Trick-or-treating on the lawn for Halloween and how that event is so special at UVA. If you read my posts and have any questions for me, feel free to shoot me an email and we can chat :) (

So a little about me:
  • I’m a rising third year in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Psychology
  • I was born in Charlottesville and currently live in Crozet which is the next town over, about a 30 minute drive from grounds (so if you have any cville related questions hmu!!)
  • I have two dogs that are my two favorite things EVER and i’m just gonna leave this picture of them here so you can tell for yourself that they’re the cutest dogs you’ve probably ever seen
I’m a HUGE foodie. I love any and all kinds of food and I’ll eat pretty much anything. Lucky for me I grew up around here so i’ve got a lot of the best restaurants in town mapped out pretty well (shoot me an email if you want some good restaurant recs, cville is most definitely a foodie city!!) I’m a big fan of Tasty videos and am always trying to recreate what I see in the videos, so if you know of one that is particularly mindblowing please lmk because odds are i’m gonna wanna make it.

  • During the year at UVa some of my favorite things to do are:
  • Go to Thursday night Sunset Series on Carters Mountain. This is something you HAVE to do when you come to UVa… there’s nothing better than sitting on the mountain and watching the sunset, all the while putting away a half dozen donuts single handedly!!!!

  • I’m a bigggg virginia sports girl. I go to all the football games (even though we’re not too good i’m a loyal fan and you’ll catch me at all of the games in the fall). Basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, you name the sport and i’ll be there cheering on the hoos!!
  • Lighting of The Lawn is my personal favorite event that UVa has during the school year that is incredibly popular and brings the entire student body together to relax and unwind before finals start up.
  • Okay so that’s a little introduction and some basic information about me, if you have any questions for me about anything send me an email!! I’m SO excited to be writing on my different experiences here at UVA and hope to give y’all something somewhat interesting to read during the summer :)

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