Monday, August 10, 2015

Things to look forward to!

Move-in day is right around the corner! While most incoming first years spend the last few days of their summer stressing about where to store their mini fridge, what kind of shower caddy to buy, or whether or not their roommate snores, there are so many great things to look forward to in the first few weeks of the semester that these concerns will soon be forgotten. Moving in is certainly a rush, but once you've settled into your first year dorm take some time to plan for all of the exciting events coming your way!

Convocation is a huge ceremony on the Lawn during which first year students are officially welcomed into the University Community. You'll hear from a few notable students and professors, T-Sully herself, and even be serenaded by an a cappella group or two. As per tradition, one lucky student will find a note from the 7 Society under his or her seat on the Lawn and read it aloud to the rest of the class. Convocation is one of UVa's oldest traditions and a semi-formal event. You should dress nicely, take plenty of pictures, and save room for T-Sully's ice cream social to follow the ceremony!

The Activities Fair
The Activities Fair occurs the day before classes begin and it's a wonderfully-chaotic event. All of UVa's clubs (CIOs) fill the amphitheater and south Lawn with tables and posters, advertising their organizations. Whether you're interested in something whimsical like the tater tot appreciation club or something a little more serious like the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, you're sure to find a club that fits your interests. Most students will sign up for nearly 30 different organizations, but end up committing to just a handful. Be warned, though: the more listservs you sign up for, the fuller your inbox will be this semester!

Rotunda Sing
Next to Lighting of the Lawn, Rotunda Sing is one of the best events to take place on central Grounds. Here students will lay out on blankets and towels on the Lawn to listen to all of UVa's a cappella groups perform in front of Old Cabell (due to the Rotunda construction). Get to know your hall mates as you listen to your favorite songs in the middle of the Academical Village.

The hypnotist 
This guy is always a hit. Every year a hypnotist performs in the amphitheater on one of the first weekends of the year. Students often dress up in crazy costumes to get his attention in order to be called onstage as a volunteer to be put to sleep, told to act like a chicken, or sing opera to their classmates.

The first football game
This year our first game is against Notre Dame on September 12. Tailgate on the quad with your dorm or on the Lawn with friends before making your way to Scott Stadium for the first game of the season. Many students will abide by the "Girls in Pearls, Guys in Ties" tradition, but wear whatever best shows your UVa spirit! Get there a few minutes early to catch the video featuring Cav Man's defeat of our opponent.

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