Friday, August 7, 2015

Places to Shop in Cville!

A lot of people just limit their shopping to the mall here at Charlottesville. The Fashion Square Mall is great and has a bunch of stores, but we have many other places scattered around Charlottesville that you cancheck out! Here’s a list of some popular locations to get a great outfit for a good price!

1.       Duo New & Used Clothing: Located right off the Corner on Elliewood Ave, they have a great selection of new and lightly used clothing. From cute party dresses to monogrammed phone cases, there’s definitely something for a girl who wants to shop! You can even order from them online at
2.       Mincer’s: Also located on the Corner, this is the place to go if you want to show off your UVa school spirit. This is THE place to go for Official UVa gear! With the new class of freshmen coming in this Fall, it’s going to be packed for the first week or so. They have UVa-themed clothing, accessories and gifts for anyone and everyone. Definitely check it out. Here’s a link to their website:
3.       Ragged Mountain Running Shop: Not just your typical shoe store. It has a lot of history as it’s been with the University on Elliewood Ave since the 1980s. This is a family owned business, with a mother, father and their 4 children running the shop. It’s a great place to get fitted for new shoes and you can get a lot of advice on running. The workers are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Check out their website:
4.       Natty Beau: Located right on the Corner (next to White Spot) is a shopping experience for both the ladies and the guys. Natty Beau is known for selling clothes for the "Southern Gentleman and Lady". You can find blazers, shorts, hats and dresses. There’s even a kids clothing section! Check them out here:

5.       Spring Street: Located in Downtown Charlottesville (just hop on the Free Trolley) and founded in 2002, this boutique has an array of clothes from all over the country. The store is very intimate and the workers there are very helpful. This isn’t just a place for the ladies, there’s an array of options available for men as well. They have cute accessories as well as gift cards if you need a last minute present for someone! They unfortunately do not have a website, but check out their facebook page here.

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