Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Facebook Groups to Join!

A lot of things come to mind when people think Facebook: photos from your friend's vacation, random cat videos, distractions, etc. However, in college, Facebook can really come in handy. From buying cheap furniture, textbooks, or even finding a ride back home, Facebook can be a great resource. Here are some great Facebook groups to join as soon as you come to UVa:

1. Class of 20__ homepage: Most likely, the class of 2019 has already joined the Class of 2019 FB page, but it’s also very helpful to join other class pages as well. You can get important information from upperclassmen and get your own questions answered pretty fast on any Class Facebook group. From where a particular building is, to the best study spaces on grounds!

2. Free & For Sale: Trust me. This is a necessity to join. They sell everything here from textbooks to UVA gear to dressers. All usually for a fraction of the cost if you were to look elsewhere. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a gracious student will be giving out items for free! Definitely make sure you join this group.

3. UVA Student to Student Textbooks: This page is solely dedicated to students trying to buy and sell textbooks. Textbooks are really expensive so this is a great group to join as well if you want to get those books a little cheaper.

4. Hoo’s Driving? Hoo’s Riding: This Facebook group comes in handy when you’re looking for a ride anywhere and everywhere from Charlottesville. Just post in the group saying that you need a ride to NoVA or somewhere out of state. Usually, a student is driving to that area. Just bring gas money and snacks for them and it really turns out to be a cheaper alternative than buying that bus ticket. And you might make a best friend on that 5 hour trip you need to take.

5. Jobs & Internships: A lot of students as well as employers post statuses with available job openings. Definitely a great Facebook group to check out.

6. GPA BOOSTER CLASSES: Just as the name implies, if you’re looking for some great classes to take that won’t be too challenging, take a look at this Facebook group.

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