Friday, August 7, 2015

The Best Running Routes on Grounds

We've already told you about UVa's gyms, but if you prefer to workout in the fresh air there are lots of different routes to run on and off Grounds that allow you to explore the city of Charlottesville at your own pace (literally). Here are a few of the summer interns' favorite jogging paths for beginner or expert runners. 


As an Old Dormer, my most common route was Alderman Road. I'd walk to the front of Old Dorms, take a right onto McCormick and start jogging just before I turned the corner onto Alderman at the light by O-Hill. Where Alderman intersects with Ivy, I'd cross the street and run straight up past the baseball stadium and then turn right onto Massie and pass John Paul Jones arena before arriving at Emmett. Once on Emmett I'd jog back towards grounds, past Mem Gym, and cross the street by the Central Grounds Parking Garage to get back to dorms. 

Living in Lambeth last year, I loved running down Rugby and exploring the neighborhoods that branched off from the main road. Where Rugby intersects with Preston Ave (the light at the bottom of the big hill), I'd take a left and bear right to stay on Rugby until proceeding onto Dairy Road. I'd jog down the hill, across the bridge over 250, and do a slow lap around St. Anne's Road before arriving at Meadowbrook Heights Road and getting back on Dairy. This is one of the longer routes so I recommend running with a partner so you have someone to talk to and keep you motivated while you jog! 


My route starts with the Flats at West Village, my apartment complex off-grounds. I run down Main St./ University Ave. and take a left onto McCormack Rd. From there I run to Wilsdorf Hall and cut through to the football stadium and back to Alderman Rd. That leads back to Jefferson Park Ave. which connects back to Main St. making about a 3 mile loop.


There is an entryway onto the Rivanna Trail at the end of Massie Road across from the North Grounds Gym and club sport fields. This segment of the trail goes behind Darden and ends up onto Leonard Sandridge Road and you can either cross the road and continue with the trail or end your run there. If you continue on this segment of the trail it ends up on Old Ivy Road. The trail is a good challenge if you want a little more nature in your running routine.

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