Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life As A Second Year

Happy New Year readers! My name is Jasmine Lee and I am a second-year in the College here to talk to you about the busy and eventful spring semester. Second-year, second semester can be a busy time on grounds for students. All around me, second years (including myself!) are declaring and applying to major programs. Some majors such as politics just require a declaration with some prerequisites completed while others like the Commerce or Curry schools require an application.

Just a sampling of books for the major options available.
Being in Charlottesville around this time requires be ready for any and all types of weather. It can go from days like this…

It’s hard not to admire the Rotunda on the way to classes, even in the snow. Photo courtesy of Erin Cronley.
To days like this…

There is always time to pose with Thomas Jefferson.
In just a matter of days! Weather changes like this are always welcome with students though because there is always something to do on grounds and in Charlottesville.

One exciting part about being a second year is having a car or more friends around the university with mobility. This means that there are more opportunities for sightseeing many of the historic and popular landmarks Charlottesville is so proud to have. Of course this includes Thomas Jefferson’s famous Monticello, which is just a small drive from grounds, but also James Monroe’s home, Ash-Lawn, Carter Mountain to apple pick, and hiking trails like Humpback, just to name a few.

Monticello on a clear January day.
Of course, even for newly mobile second-years, not all of the favorite spots require a car. Visiting the Rotunda or the UVA Art Museum are always welcome activities that give students a greater appreciation and love for UVA. 

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