Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Great Eats

After a little over one semester here, I have really found out many of my favorite places to eat on or near Grounds!  As I currently live in new dorms, I spend most of my time at O’Hill dining hall.  My favorite stations here for lunch or dinner is the deli station.  With a wide variety of breads, wraps, meats, and cheese, there are always many different options that you won’t get tired of.   Or, if you’re ever looking for a good and cheap hot meal that reminds you of home, the special Chophouse option is available.  For a mealswipe and $5, you can get your choice of personally cooked dinners such as steak or salmon.  On Sundays, O’Hill brunch is all the rave, as there is an omelette station in which you can customize your omelette to your taste buds, as well as home fries, sausage, eggs, and more, and is open until 2pm so you can sleep in and still eat well.

Also this semester, I have spent more time in downtown Charlottesville, which is easily accessible by the free trolley that makes stops at the UVA bus stops on campus.  A new favorite of mine is Citizen Burger, a nice restaurant and bar with a good atmosphere and night scene.  If you ever find yourself downtown, make sure you stop by at this restaurant and get one of their delicious burgers with a side of their locally renowned sweet potato fries! 

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