Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi, my name is Jasmine, I'm a UVAholic.

Hey HooStories readers! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that my posts will further your interests in coming to the best, UVA!
My name is Jasmine Le and I’m a first-year in the College of Arts & Sciences originally from Germany, but now from Herndon, VA. I have been here for a little over a month and I don’t regret coming here whatsoever. Truth be told, UVA wasn’t even my first choice anymore once the application process during senior year rolled around, but I am glad that I chose to come here and would have majorly regretted it otherwise! The great thing about this place is that there are endless things to explore.
I’m a German-Vietnamese-American space and time traveler, professional eyeliner-mustache drawer, hard rocker, fashion enthusiast, and SUPERHERO! Just kidding… kinda. I just like to think of myself as very adventurous and I am always seeking new things to try—next thing I know, I’m with Virginia Skydivers. I like going to concerts and getting bruised up in the pit, and spending time in between classes online shopping instead of doing homework. I want to learn plenty more languages on top of the three that I already know. I want to see the world and explore anything and everything!
I think that napping on the top of the Rotunda steps on a beautiful day is the best. The University is incredibly beautiful. Old architecture, new architecture, a lot of green, a lot of space, a lot of freedom. There's not much else I can ask for here.
Anyways, if you read on you’ll see how even more awesome I am, so I hope I’ll hear from you. Even if you just need a bedtime story, I will tell you one (except it’ll only be Brothers Grimm versions of fairytales). Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, I’ll answer anything!
Go Hoos!

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