Friday, October 8, 2010

You'll just LOVE UVA!

Hello readers! Thank you for stopping by this site! I hope that your college search is going well. I can hardly believe it's been two years since I was in your shoes. The saying "time flies when you're having fun" has certainly been true for my college experience.

Anyways, I had a hard time making a decision about the topic of this first post for the year (tossed around the ideas of the AFC-gym, the beautiful fall weather, and my favorite little town nearby, Crozet & the pizza place there), so I've decided just to give a little intro about myself this go around. I'm a second year (how did that happen?) student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In the spring, I will apply to the Commerce school, but I am still interested in possibly doing an Economics and Religious Studies double major. By the end of this year, I will have declared a major. Whoa!

At UVa, I'm involved in Reformed University Fellowship (a Presbyterian fellowship), my sorority, and Abundant Life (a community outreach program to a local neighborhood). With school and friends on top of those activities, there's rarely a dull moment!

This weekend, we have fall break here at UVA. There won't be any classes on Monday or Tuesday. In a few hours, I will be leaving for DC to stay with a friend there. Many of the in-state go home for fall break and take their out-of-state friends (like me, I'm from Texas) home with them. After we get back from break, Pancakes for Parkinsons week will be in full swing. Pancakes is a rather unique event to UVA, enjoyed by all. I will probably write my next post about it.

That all being said, best of luck with the college search!I am looking forward to blogging for you guys this year. Please email me if you have any questions! Enjoy the pics of me with some RUF friends.

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