Friday, April 4, 2014

One of the greatest aspects of UVa is the sense of community.  This trait is one that I really looked for during my college search.  I wanted a school where I could get involved with the surrounding area as well as connect with the students on a more personal level outside of class.  While this close-knit community can be found everyday at UVa, the way the members of the community came together for our basketball team’s recent birth in the NCAA tournament is a great example.

            There has always been support for all of UVa’s sports teams.  However, the way the community rallied behind this successful basketball team was incredible.  The team struggled early in the season but still had a lot of support from the community and this unwavering support only made it that much sweeter when the team began to win almost every game they played.  As the team swept through the ACC, winning both the regular season and the ACC tournament, nothing made you feel more like a Cavalier than watching the HOOS play basketball. 

Any restaurant on the corner could be found packed full of students and other fans all cheering and watching the game.  The games themselves were so full students routing on their team and connecting with each other through their common interest, our basketball team.  In fact, the Virginia ‘Hoo Crew won the 2014 Naismith Student Section of the Year Award.  One of my greatest memories this season was our final game in the NCAA tournament.  Throughout the game, excitement filled the air and everyone watching the game was experiencing the same feeling as we cheered on our team.  However, the sadness and frustration that followed really hit home with me.  Everyone had invested so much energy and heart into our team, into our community and it was as if we were right there with the players, experiencing the pain they felt also. 

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