Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey everyone, my name is Tori and I’m a first year hoping to major in business and minor in global sustainability and I’m from Springfield, Virginia. Coming from the great, almost-state of Northern Virginia I am quite used to people freaking out when there are no more than tiny flurries coming down from the sky. When there is even the hint of snow out-come the plows and the salt trucks, the lines at the grocery stores are endless, and schools are closed at the drop if a hat. It is both ridiculous and glorious at the same time and I have gotten used to many snow days throughout the winter. Counted on them in fact. Snow days were what got me through the endless days of January and February. In college however, word on the street seemed to be that snow days were extremely rare. While all the first years in my early morning Italian class were convinced that class would most certainly be canceled (They don’t actually expect us to walk out in the snow to all our classes, right?), the lone second and third years were not nearly so optimistic. UVA didn’t have the best track record for canceling class, they said. Don’t hold your breath, they said. Low and behold, the snow started to fall in glorious white sheets and the news that everyone was hoping for came: class was canceled! The shrieks resounded down the hallways of my dorm, confirming the news.

One of the greatest things about college is that there are no parents to inject “logic” and “reason” into otherwise completely brilliant ideas. So a giant snowball fight on the lawn at midnight? Heck yes. A second, old dorms versus new dorms snow fight the next day? Count me in. Not having class is an occasion to be celebrated immediately and nothing could go wrong traipsing through the snow in search of other kids-at-heart masquerading as responsible college students who also consider playing in the snow a perfectly acceptable way to spend the snow day. Out my friends and I went, though the snow was at the perfect angle to go right into our eyes. Let me tell you, it was one of the greatest days at UVA so far. Snowmen and forts were built, snowball fights won, hot chocolate drank, a marathon of Gilmore Girls watched, and the most perfect of snow days had. Our snowman turned out more abstract than planned but it turns out that not only are people at UVA incredibly smart, their snow-shaping skills put ours to shame. See for yourself! (Yes, we do pose with other people’s snowmen like they’re ours. It’s a compliment to their hard work!)

                                                             (Someone even made Olaf!)

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