Monday, March 3, 2014

Here Comes the Sun? Please?

If there’s one thing in Virginia you can’t count on whatsoever, it’s the weather.  I know, I know.  The weather sounds like the most boring topic ever, but hear me out!  Virginia really does have crazy weather worthy of discussion!  A huge coat with Uggs one day and a T-shirt with flip-flops the next?  Completely plausible.  Hot chocolate today, a popsicle tomorrow?  Sure.  Feel like sledding in the morning and tanning in the afternoon?  Well, our weather might not be that extreme, but you get the idea.  Allow me to walk you through the month of February in Charlottesville, starting with the arrival of a gift from Elsa…

When snowflakes start to fall, instilling a sliver of hope that whatever class or meeting you dread will get cancelled, this first question you have to ask yourself is “Will it stick?”  Because let’s be honest – snow may be pretty when it stays on your nose and eyelashes, but it basically means nothing unless it sticks to the street.  And let me tell you, this month it stuck big time. Starting in the late afternoon of Wednesday, February 12th and continuing into Thursday, the students and faculty of UVA witnessed over ten inches of snow accumulate.  This resulted in two whole days off of school on Thursday and Friday after tireless waiting around for the school officials (not just Dean Groves and his awesome tweets) to give us the official word.  Sledding, snowman and igloo building, and all-around frolicking ensued.  A winter wonderland it was!
Fast forward to the following weekend, at which point the snow has sufficiently melted.  I head out of my house to walk to JPJ for the basketball game against Notre Dame on Saturday, February 22nd when… what is this?  60-something degrees?  That’s right – just one week after a massive snowstorm resulting in a momentous four-day weekend, we experienced beautiful, sunny, and even warm weather.  The lawn was packed once again, but this time with students tossing Frisbees, pretending to get work done, and watching the families that came by with their dogs and cute kids.  I even saw a secret society perform a ritual!  Least productive day?  I think so.

Needless to say, the month of February has had its fair share of temperature fluctuations.  Since then, the air has gotten colder with small, random flurries here and there and even another snow day today, March 3rd.  As spring approaches, there’s no telling what Charlottesville weather has in store for us, but all I know is that I’m going to Florida for spring break next week.  80 degrees here I come!  

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