Sunday, March 31, 2013

Whether the Weather

Hey y'all,

UVa has one of the most beautiful campuses out there, and as is the case for every claim of excellence we make here at the University, there is a ranking out there to confirm it 

Recently, however, the Charlottesville spring I so look forward to has involved more white on the ground than white flowers on the trees. As my lab TA said, "If I've never seen snow in Poland this late in March, I shouldn't be seeing it in Virginia this late." Don't get me wrong, the snow is absolutely beautiful and doesn't really get in the way of anything. Grounds basically turns into Narnia, minus most of the power struggle and mind games, every time it snows. But, there is a time and a place for winter wonderlands, and it is not late March in the arguably southern state of Virginia. After the initial frenzy of snowball fights, sledding, and snowmen, the time just comes for some warm weather.

Let it be known that March 30th, UVa crossed over into that warm weather and man it felt good to thaw out. At least 1/4 of my legs were exposed to warm sunshine that day, and I could not stop smiling. What a lot of students don't realize coming into the University, is that there is so much to do off grounds as well as on grounds. The area surrounding UVa, as well as UVa itself obviously, is actually breathtaking. So where do UVa students decide to escape to on the first sunny day of spring? A vineyard of course! Now, vineyard doesn't just mean wine, it means absolutely amazing views of the mountains and sky, adorable puppies and children running around, really good cheese, horses, sunshine, and, yeah, wine for the 21 year olds. 

That's the great thing about Uva, there are so many adventures to be had and so many unique experiences and traditions built into the UVa culture. We are a University of extremely talented and motivated students, diverse in background and thought, but the one thing we all have in common is a love of our school and all the adventures it has to offer. UVa is more than a school, it's a community and a place that you fall in love with over and over again. There isn't one moment where we realize this is the school for us, we are reminded time and time again. No matter where we go after our four years at the University, we cherish our time in this gorgeous area with such amazing people, no matter the weather.

Happy admissions, 

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