Monday, March 4, 2013

We Come From Old Virginia….

“We sing when we score, when we win, when we lose, at any musical event, at any event in general, anytime, anywhere, all the time.”

This line, taken from a parody video made by a UVA student last year refers to perennial fan favorite, fight song, and de facto alma mater, “The Good Ole Song”. Set to the tune of New Year’s classic “Auld Lang Syne”, this song has come to serve as a time-honored show of school spirit for UVA students, faculty, and alums.  New students of the University are sure to pick up the words quickly in the fall of their first year, as fans, arm-in-arm, sing the song after every scoring drive by the Virginia football team. My parents just got season football tickets this past year and my mom considered it a major milestone when, mid-season, she no longer had to look to the jumbo-tron to read the lyrics.

As its popularity has grown, it has, like the quote mentions, grown to be used in a variety of other settings. It may sound cheesy but it is truly something that brings people together at events big or small. Some of my favorite memories of first year include singing the Good Ole Song in the middle of a friend’s living room after watching UVA upset Miami in a football game and then a few weeks later singing with thousands of UVa students, staring up at the Rotunda after Lighting of the Lawn.
So whether you’re a perspective student or a loyal fan, the lyrics to the Good Ole Song are definitely required reading! Wa-hoo-wa! 


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