Friday, November 2, 2012

Driving Down the Blue Ridge Parkway: Greek Getaway

      A few weekend ago, I decided to brave the outdoors and go for a scenic drive down Blue Ridge Parkway: the final destination? The Greek Getaway.
      I joined a sorority my first year spring. Coming from a Greek family, from mother to sister, aunts and even grandmother, I knew I wanted to try out Sorority rush. After a Christmas break of debating what outfit would best represent me, I entered the sphere of recruitment and found a sorority that fit me. Greek Life at UVa is rare. The tight knit community allows for activities, philanthropies, social events, and adventures that are hard to find amongst a large group. The 16 sororities and over 30 fraternities create a huge group of members that are all linked behind the idea of brotherhood and sisterhood. However, the diversity amongst sororities and fraternities is what I find so rare about the Greek Life at UVa. The activities range from Greek Getaway with Greek InterVarsity, a Christian group of approximately 30 people that meets on Wednesday nights, to Intramural sports, Greek Week Carnival, and trunk shoes. One of the most rewarding parts of joining a sorority for me has been the introduction of many new friends, particularly through Greek InterVarsity.
       As I continued to drive down Blue Ridge Parkway, listening to Christmas music, at an embarassingly early time in October, I saw a little house on a hill surrounded by fall trees and rolling hills. As I pulled up, I couldn't help but take in breaths of the fresh air and feel the anxiety of college courses, strict schedules, and deadlines leave me. This weekend, I can honestly say, was one of my favorites in my three years at school. The Greek Getaway was the getaway from life and anxiety that I needed. I joined my small group, composed of JMU and UVa students, to discuss topics from how we live our life to how we want to live our life. Although the discussions were rich and the company serene, the most amazing part of this weekend was the scenic, rolling, fall covered hills. The walks, the bonfires, and the act of just lying silently on dew covered grass were all pinpointed memories of a weekend I will never forget.

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