Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Walk to Class

There is nothing more beautiful than an autumn walk to class in Charlotteville. Whether it is from your dorm or apartment or even a sprint from a dining hall to the most remote building on grounds, there is nothing better than the colors on the trees, the crispness of the air, and the smell that invites you to take a deep breath and enjoy both the city and school you are apart of. 

I walk a gorgeous path everyday, I invite you to take the walk with me today!
This is right outside my house on Wertland Street. Wertland Street is a popular off grounds housing area for those who are 2nd-4th years. Just look at that tree! Even living in the city we still get the amazing colors of the country! 

Sorry this isn't the best picture but right down the street from my apartment is the Georgia O'Keeffe house. O'Keeffe used to spend summers in Charlottesville when she was a girl. So much history in this city! 
This is one of my favorite houses on the street. It's the football house. They keep their Christmas decorations up all year so if your ever in the mood for a little holiday spirit during the summer just drive down Wertland Street. 

A Corner. 

The Corner has so many great shops and places to eat. Last year I would always head here whenever I was sick of dining hall food. Now that I'm not on a meal plan I eat at one of the many restaurants almost at least once a day. If you're visiting and not sure where you should stop for some classic Charlottesville cuisine just head to The Corner, there is no bad decision to be made when it comes The Corner. I'll give a shout out to Pigeon Hole on Elliewood, get their hashbrowns!

When you visit Charlottesville you HAVE (take note to the capitilized, bold, and underlined effects on the word have) to go to Bodo's. They have the best bagels you will ever eat. I don't think you've lived until you've had one of their bagels. It took all my will power not to stop their when I took this picture. 

Over on those steps were Navy women putting up the flags this morning. I later found out that was one of my friend's who is NROTC and she said she was so embarrassed that someone was taking a picture. 

One of The Lawn rooms. 4th years have the chance to live in these rooms, it is a true honor. From what I hear they don't have heat so that's why those logs are outside the room. 

There is always a lot going on at here at UVa. Today there were flags out in preparation for the last home football game against UNC on Thursday. Don't forget to watch on ESPN and support the Hoos!

Wilson Hall

Finally made it to lecture. 

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