Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Holiday Gift from Me to You

As grounds begins to light up with the spirit of the holidays I was putting some thought into what I could give you all for the holiday season. I figured it might be a little difficult to send you each a string of lights that get placed around the rotunda this time of year, or the amazing holiday specials at Para Coffee, and inviting you each to cookie decorating on the lawn seemed like it might be a little more than I could tackle. Instead, I want to give you guys insight into the best website to ever exist on the Internet...yes, I said EVER...and yes, I meant it. So here you go...

I want you to rip this sucker up like you're 5 years old and Santa not only brought you a puppy but also the Batman action figure that all your friends had and was the one thing you needed to be invited to eat with the cool kids at lunch.

Don't take this gift lightly, it is as special as your siblings, your parents, and grandparents combined. In fact, we might even be able to throw your great grandparents and aunts and uncles into that mix.

Are you ready? Do you think you're ready?

Here it is! Lou's List!

Before I explain the joy behind Lou's List I want to introduce you to the coal that has been left in your stockings. That coal is the Student Information System, otherwise known as SIS and proof that you did something wrong this year that lead to Santa leaving you one thing of coal. If you have applied to UVa already or plan on applying this year you know what I am talking about. SIS is the place that applicants go to confirm the completion of their application as well as to receive their admissions decision. You aren't done with SIS after your acceptance though, SIS will haunt you for the remainder of your time at UVa. SIS is used to register for classes, check grades, confirm exam schedules, and some other thing that I have yet to discover. I will let you figure out the pains of SIS on your own rather than spend another 8 paragraphs describing the difficulties to you.

So Santa left you this coal, does this mean that you did something so bad that you won't be getting any other presents this year? No, no it does not. Hitting your brother and pulling your sisters hair were made up by sharing your cookie with your sister when she was crying and helping that old lady load groceries into her Buick (let's be all old people who grocery shop have Buicks). These acts are rewarded with Lou's List.

Lou's List allows ease for of access to courses that are available for the upcoming semester as well as the current semester and semesters past. It informs you who is teaching the class, where the class will be held, what time the class is, how many people are enrolled, how long the waitlist is, etc, etc. What makes this better than SIS...well pretty much everything!

I'll let you guys go ahead and explore these two sites in order to understand the advantages of Lou's List over SIS. Happy Holidays!

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