Monday, February 1, 2010

Way More Than 110 Things to Do!

To echo Janna's post a bit, allow me to indulge some 4th Year nostalgia as well. Every fall, the Fourth Year Class Council compiles a list of “UVa Must-Sees” to distribute to all graduating 4th years. My friends and I have been working hard to complete all of the tasks on our list of “110 Things to do Before Graduation” but I still have a few more to check off before I can walk the Lawn this May. For the rest of the semester, I’ll keep you guys updated on my adventures, but I’ll start by re-capping a few of the things-to-do that I’ve already done.

“Check out final Fridays at the UVa art museum”- On the last Friday of every month, the UVa art museum opens its doors to students and community members for a special viewing of its current collection. There’s always free food and drinks and the artwork is fantastic. It’s a great way to wind down on a Friday afternoon; after all, you’ve got to save some energy for the weekend!

“Celebrate TJs birthday, try to see the purple shadows”- Everyone loves a good birthday party, but especially in honor of our founder, Thomas Jefferson. On April 13th, the community comes together to celebrate Mr. Jefferson’s birthday on the Lawn, and Founders Day events have been some of my fondest UVa memories. And if you can manage to stay up all night, you may even catch a glimpse of the Purple Shadows (one of our many secret societies) processing down the Lawn to place a wreath at the Jefferson statue.

“Visit Edgar Allen Poe’s Room” – Though he was only a UVa student for a brief period of time, we still herald Edgar Allen Poe as one of our favorite alumni. His room, 13 West Range, is still preserved with original furniture and stands as a monument to the brilliant writer. There’s nothing more inspiring than walking to class along the same route once walked by Poe, though I’d steer clear of the area on Halloween.

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