Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go Greek

One of my most meaningful involvements here at UVa has been my membership in my sorority. My sorority has provided me with lifelong friends, academic support, community service opportunities, and thousands of fond memories. A few weeks ago, UVa’s Inter-Sorority Council and Inter-Fraternity Council held formal recruitment (usually referred to as “rush”), offering first and second years the opportunity to consider joining a sorority or fraternity. The UVa Greek system is a strong and vibrant community; 1,500 females belong to 15 different houses and 1,800 males make up the 28 fraternities at UVa. While some universities hold rush at the beginning of the fall semester, UVa defers recruitment to the start of the spring semester. I personally believe this system to be ideal, as first years are able to spend their first semester of college meeting people and making friends in their dorms, classes, and various organizations. Rush itself is a really positive experience, as individuals are able to meet all kinds of new people through the process. UVa’s Greek Community is a diverse body full of interesting and passionate individuals, and my experience as a member of a Greek organization has been absolutely wonderful, providing me with a home away from home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about sororities and fraternities at UVa!

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