Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Virginia Gets Snow?

When I learned I had missed a huge snow storm in Virginia when I went home for winter break, I was really bummed. Being from Boston I get to see snow all the time, but I had never seen snow on Grounds! I remember my first year it snowed once, at three in the morning, and I slept until eleven when all the snow had already melted. So for me, a snowy Lawn was just a dream. So I was pretty pumped when the weather forecasts predicted a "huge" (for Virginia) storm was going to hit C-Ville! We ended up getting in between one and two feet, and the University was transformed into a winter wonderland. It's one of my favorite memories of UVa so far! I went sledding for three days straight, and discovered that trash bags actually make awesome sleds although you do tend to get a little snowier. There were tons of giant snowball fights on the Lawn, and some brave streakers even dodged the snowballs as they ran. I visited one of my friends on the Lawn, and we made smores over the fire and drank hot cider as we watched the snow falling outside and people shoving snow in eachothers faces. Instead of the University shutting down, everyone geared up in all their snow layers and ventured out into the blizzard to have some fun. There are still the remnants of giant snowmen, igloos and snow forts on the Lawn as I walk by every morning. And although the snow is starting to melt as it gets warmer, I keep checking the weather and hoping for another big storm!

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