Friday, December 4, 2009

we come from old virginia...

I love football season – though, admittedly, that love may not be a characteristic that too many fellow cavaliers share with me (especially after this past season).  Most prospective students who possess the same affinity to the sport will take one look at this year’s 3-9 record and see it as reason enough to write UVa off.  However, as a devoted fan of the team and an ardent believer in the potential of our football program, let me just say that it would be a mistake to base such a decision on mere statistics; it is the entire experience of a gameday in Charlottesville that really showcases what we, as a university, and as a student body, have to offer.
Whether it be on the lawn, at Alumni Hall, or by the AFC, tailgating is an indisputably important tradition before every football game here at UVa; few things can compare to the sheer high-spirited nature of true wahoo fans during those hours preceding kick-off.
As game time draws near, and the crowds file into Scott Stadium, the level of enthusiasm can literally be felt all around.  Guys in ties, girls in pearls, and the sea of orange that epitomize our student section as well as the Hill are undoubtedly one of the first things that opposing fans comment on… and let me just say that there are few times when you feel prouder to be a student at the University than during those moments when students from others school stare in awe at juxtaposition between how we dress and carry ourselves at a game, and how they choose to behave. 
Even during bleak football seasons such as the one that we have just endured, all these other factors make it so that we, as cavaliers, can keep our heads held high.  Any true Virginia fan will say that a mixture of pure, unadulterated optimism, interspersed with humbled pride in our school will inevitably bring us back week after week, season after season.  And if those aren’t reasons enough to convince you, just wait until you sing your first Good Ole Song after a touchdown – there’s no turning back after that.

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