Friday, December 11, 2009

Need a Ride Home? Take Home Ride!

If you live in major metropolitan area in Virginia and go to UVa (or VTech or Radford or JMU) you have a great opportunity: Home Ride! What is this "ride," you ask? Well, it's run by a private company that serves students by providing busses to take them home for the weekend (or winter break). They route the busses to Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, or Richmond. The cost is different depending on the destination and starting point but I've taken this service many times and not only is it reliable (read: comes on time), the passengers are mostly students and there are no stops on the way so the trip to Northern Virginia takes only 2 hours.

Is it costly? Well, maybe. But isn't home worth it? I know that as a first year student you don't have a car and not everyone knows an upperclassman with a private vehicle. You could also take Amtrak, I suppose, which I've done but it might not be as convenient for you if your hometown is in Hampton Roads. And do you really want your parents driving all the way to Charlottesville to come get you just to drive back again?

Consider this great service next time you are going home if you live in the state. And if you don't, see if maybe you can catch the train from Union Station in DC to your house (because, you know, the NoVA drop off location is at a Metro stop).

Good luck on finals, everyone!  

Happy holidays!

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