Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why UVa?

The other day, a friend in high school asked me about applying to college, how many I applied to, why I chose UVa, etc. I am a second year, I applied to colleges almost two years ago; so I do not remember every application essay I wrote, but I do remember why I decided to come to UVa. I am reminded every day why I go here - the people. Yes UVa is a top notch school, yes I will get a great education here, but it really boils down to the people. If I didn't like the people I would be miserable, because college is not just about extending your factual knowledge. It is also about meeting new people, learning about different cultures from those people, learning from those people in general. Do not get me wrong, the academic aspect of college is very important; it is just easier to live in an area for four years of your life if you like the people you're surrounded by.

I have met so many new and different people since I have been here. People I would never have met under any other circumstances. The other day, I got lunch with a friend of mine who is from Taiwan; and I learned more from him about Taiwan than I ever have. There is a difference between reading a book about a country and talking to a person from that country.

The more people I meet here, the more I love UVa. <3

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