Saturday, November 7, 2009

Club & Intramural Sports

If you're anything like I was in high school, being part of a sports team is really important to you. I'm sure you're struggling with the idea of choosing a huge D1 school where you won't have the comfort of a close knit team and practice every afternoon. But not at UVa, because we have tons of teams you can join! UVa has two levels of teams that are below the D1 level, club and intramural. Within the club teams, there's a variation of commitment and intensity. Some practice four times a week and travel most weekends, and some have a loose practice schedule and stay around grounds. With each team, your experience is really what you make it. I have loved my experiences so far with the Club Cross Country team and the Virginia Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team. We have practices for cross country every day of the week and for ski team two days a week, but for each team it's really when you have the time to come. We have fundraisers to raise money so that we can travel to meets and races, so it's a great way to hang out with your teammates outside of practice. Through my club teams, I've met some awesome people and some of my closest friends at UVa.

Another awesome way to get involved in sports is through all the intramural teams UVa offers. We have everything from inner tube water polo to soccer to racquetball. You can get together a group of friends and make a team, or you can sign up in the singles league and make some new friends! Either way, it's an awesome experience. Games are usually once a week, and they're really laid back. Some people sign up who played the sports in high school, and other people just sign up for the fun of playing. For example, I played on both a innertube water polo team and an outdoor soccer team this semester and I most definitely didn't play on either of those in high school.
UVa's cub and intramural teams offer students a great way to be part of a team and get a good competitive workout every once in a while. And as TJ once said:
"Give about two hours every day to exercise, for health must not be sacrificed to learning. A strong body makes the mind strong." 1785, Thomas Jefferson

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