Friday, October 9, 2009

Peer Health Educators

One thing about U.Va. that I enjoy is the student run clubs. Every day students are encouraged to follow their dreams, to change someone's life, to educate each other. One group in particular that is very influential in many U.Va. students' lives is the Peer Health Educators organization. PHE offers outreach programs to organizations within the University, including Residence Life, Greek organizations, and other groups. There are four outreach programs currently offered:
  1. Sexfest
  2. Nutrition
  3. Buzzed (drugs and alcohol)
  4. Trouble in the Bubble (stress management
In my college career, I've listened to two of those: the sexfest and the nutrition programs. Sexfest was basically a sexual education talk and the nutrition is pretty self explanatory. I found them very helpful because the student presenter(s) explain the topic and you can ask questions about anything related. The atmosphere created is very comfortable and no one is forced to be in the program.

I wanted to share with you all something I learned in the Nutrition program this past Thursday: know your portions.

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