Friday, October 30, 2009

Living as a UVa Student

It is late October, and time is running down. You're looking at schools with all sorts of questions swirling around your head. Which ones to apply to? Which one is your favorite? Will you like it better here or there? Where will you fit in best?

One great thing about UVa is that there is so much going on you are guaranteed to find something that interests you; an organization that you will love and want to commit your time to. And if there is something else you want to get involved in, and UVa does not have it, then you can create it! I am currently a part of Black Student Alliance (, the University Judiciary Committe (, and a program called "I Have a Dream" that mentors a group of students at a local high school.

The Black Student Alliance puts on many events such as Townhall Mixers, Ladies Cocktail Soiree, Black Men's Breakfast, Tailgates, and plenty of other social and political events. The University Judiciary Committee is UVa's student run judiciary system. "I Have a Dream" is a mentoring program that follows a group of students throughout their academic careers and helps them pay for college. The Charlottesville group is currently in the 10th grade.

All three of these groups I am very involved in and absolutely love. I have met some great people through these organizations and I continue to meet great people through them. Getting involved with something you're passionate about is one of the best ways to meet new and interesting people. So when you decide to come to UVa :) find something you love and get involved!

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