Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Downtown

I've said it before and I'll end up saying it dozens of times over again to prospective students. Don't ask a magazine or ranking poll what college you should go to because you could end up seriously disappointed. Instead, figure out what you want in a college, and if writing out that list is difficult, then visit the colleges or universities you think you may be interested in. Talk to the students. Ask them what their favorite and least favorite things are about the school, why they chose the school that they did, and what do they do in their free time. It's so important to know that you'll have internships, jobs, sporting events, musical performances, and a host of other options available so that no matter what your mood is, you'll have the opportunity to go do what you want to do.

Now I must admit I love food. Restaurants, coffee shops, bagel stores, candy factories--they all sound amazing to me, and one of my favorite places to go to eat is Downtown at Chaps.

If you go to Chaps, you will probably get to meet Tony. This is Tony. He is awesome. Definitely one of the warmest people I've ever met, Tony is the kind of guy that always greets you with a smile and will remember your name. In general, I love diners because they remind me of Bethel Park, Pa where a majority of restaurants are owned by a family rather than a chain. The atmosphere is cozier, homier. I feel more like I'm walking into a friend's kitchen rather than somewhere less personable like McDonald's. Now, there's nothing wrong with McDonald's, but for me, I will always choose places like Chaps again and again because they are unique. McDonald's? The burger you get in Cleveland is identical to the one in Austin. You will not find another Chaps anywhere, and whenever you travel--be it for work, play, or whatever--go to these types of stores. Seek out those unique stores because that town is your only chance to experience them.
Pictures by Steve Norum.

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