Wednesday, May 31, 2017

UVA After Hours

Many prospective students believe that a UVA student’s weekend plans consist of drinking with friends at a party, or staying in his or her dorm to pull an all-nighter. But if the college party life isn't for you, there are still plenty of fun weekend activities here for you at UVA. Every Friday and Saturday, Intramural-Recreational Sports (IRS) keeps the Aquatic and Fitness Center open until 1:00 AM. Not only can students get a late-night workout to avoid the First Year 15, but IRS also has their own special events suitable for anyone’s physical activity level. The best part is that all of these activities are completely free!

Pool Battleship

Did you ever wish you were a pirate after watching Pirates of the Caribbean when you were a kid? Well now here is your chance! The rules to Pool Battleship are simple. You and your fellow shipmates must use your buckets to fill the opponents' canoe with water until they sink. Players must stay within the designated boundaries and scooping water out of your own canoe is prohibited. 


Knockerball is super fun to play and super fun to watch! Challenge your friends to a Knockerball showdown in Last Man Standing. Other popular Knockerball games include bubble soccer, sharks and minnows, bubble football, president, and barrel roll.

The Bouldering Wall   

Occasionally, IRS will open up the bouldering wall free of charge. Because of its short height, no harness is necessary. Although the bouldering wall is not very high, dont be fooled. The wall consists of many complex patterns suitable for beginners with little to no experience, as well as harder patterns for veterans of  the sport.

Grocery Bingo 

Sooner or later, you'll probably get tired of UVA dining hall food. Thankfully, IRS has grocery bingo. Several bingo games are held during the night, and the winners will walk away with a free bag of groceries!

Laser Tag

Each match lasts for about five minutes. Players are split into two teams and receive points for tagging other players with their lasers. Weapons vary in range, damage, and accuracy - so choose wisely! 

Arts & Crafts

IRS also has arts and crafts nights. Show your artistic talents by decorating picture frames, drawing the Rotunda, or painting a picture of your favorite flower. Great food is also a guarantee!  

Much, Much More

The AFC has also been known to hold other super fun events like movie nights, pool parties, a Build a Bear Workshop, and even a mechanical bull. So if you don't have any plans for the weekend, be sure to check out Hoos After Hours!

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