Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The CVille Food Scene- Pt. 1

 ***Attention visiting parents and prospective students*** 
Searching for Charlottesville lunch suggestions??? 
Look no further! 
Here is a list of some of UVA students’ top-ranked restaurants:

The Classic “Lunch on the Corner” Options:

If you dine here, you are sure to have the quintessential UVA experience. The waiters and waitresses are mostly UVA students, and will always greet you with a warm smile. Their food is great and there is something for everyone here- a very kid friendly restaurant if there are any picky eaters in your family. If it's a nice day outside, make sure to take advantage of their outdoor seating.
Must have: Without a doubt the mac n’ cheese—the Virginian is known for their decadent mac n’ cheese, which is thick, creamy, and topped with a perfectly round hash brown

Inexpensive. Innovative. Inspiring. Bodo’s is everything that UVA students dream of. This is what fuels us during exam seasons, Sunday mornings, and anytime we need to grind out a paper in Clemons Library. The authentic New York water-style bagels are always made fresh... so fresh that they don’t even need to toast the bagels for you!
Must have: Any bagel with any topping! It’s all good!

Easy. Quick. Healthy. Roots is a favorite among all UVA students—for it is the quickest way to get a super healthy and filling meal near Grounds. They serve bowls with rice, veggies, and meats, and are accommodating to all dietary needs.
Must have: El Jefe— A brown rice base with chicken, kale, black beans, charred white corn, red onions, feta, pita chips, avocado, and their famous cilantro lime dressing ~heavenly!~

Christian’s Pizza is both cheap and delicious. It is the best place to eat if you can’t decide between the many Corner restaurants, are short on time, or are just really craving a decent slice.
Must have: the white-based tri-color tortellini pizza—it’s a combination of two awesome foods and somehow tastes absolutely amazing... what more could you want?!

If you’re looking for a sit-down lunch, inside or out, Boylan is the place for you. Boylan is a restaurant and bar that students and locals frequent year-round. It’s a great place for students to have lunch with friends, and the perfect location to watch a sports game

Must have: BYOB—build your own burger!!! Lots of great options made with the finest ingredients

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