Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Staying Active: Workout Facilities on Grounds

When the school year starts picking up and classes get tougher, working out is a great way to clear your mind and destress. At UVa we have a number of wonderful gyms with everything from the largest hot tub on the east coast to state of the art workout equipment to olympic-sized pools to organized exercise classes. Here's everything you should know about UVa's gyms before lacing up your tennis shoes and breaking a sweat:

Aquatic & Fitness Center (AFC)

Where is it?: Just a short walk from any first-year residential area, the AFC is situated on Alderman Road, right next to Scott Stadium.

As the closest to central Grounds, the AFC is by far the most popular gym at UVa. Not only does the AFC boast three full-sized basketball courts, an indoor track, two floors of cardio machines and free weights, and a cafe, but also the largest hot tub on the east coast and a 50 meter x 25 yard Olympic-sized pool (told ya so). Some of the most popular features at the AFC are the cycling studio as well as the zumba, yoga, and pilates classes offered in the downstairs studio. This gym gets pretty packed - especially around exam time - but with so much equipment it's not hard to find a machine to use. For a workout with a view, use the stair-climber during diving practice and watch the divers perform as you workout!

Memorial Gymnasium (Mem Gym)

Where is it?: Emmett Street, across from Alumni Hall and next to the Central Grounds Parking Garage.

Memorial Gym (or Mem Gym) was originally opened in 1924 as a memorial to the University's World War I casualties. In addition to your typical gym amenities, it's home to basketball courts, an indoor soccer arena, a combative room and, of course, a quote from Thomas Jefferson himself (as can be seen in the photo). Mem gym isn't the most glamorous of the University's facilities, but I have heard it called "the manliest of gyms," so going there might boost your credibility as well as your health. If you're serious about exercise and want a down to business, frills free work out (read: no snap chatting from the stairclimber) , Mem's for you! 

Slaughter Recreation Center

Where is it?: Past O-Hill on McCormick Road, across from Balz-Dobie dormitory.

Most students tend to use the AFC to workout, grab a smoothie, etc. but people who really want to get involved in Intramural Sports tend to use the Slaughter Rec Center. Located very close to the first year dorms, Slaughter provides facilities for students who want to get together to play a friendly sports game, including a 3-court gymnasium (where students play basketball, badminton and make use of the indoor soccer arena), 7 handball/racquetball courts, 3 squash courts and a Wallyball court. Slaughter also provides group exercise rooms as well as training equipment, free weights and strength training machines. If you're looking to workout without an audience, check out Slaughter for a less-crowded exercise environment than at the larger gyms. 

North Grounds Recreation Center 

Where is it?: Massie Road, close to the Law and Business Schools.

For a chance to see T-Sully gettin her workout on, head over to North Grounds for a run on the treadmill or a game of handball or racquetball. With 10 lanes, the North Grounds pool is rarely crowded and is a great place to swim if your strokes aren't too far removed from the doggie paddle. Due to its close proximity to the Law and Business schools, this gym is usually frequented by graduate students and the occasional professor (or UVa president!).

Want more info on UVa gym schedules and resources? Check out the UVa Intramural-Recreational Sports website!

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