Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dining Hall Recipes and Tips

At any of UVa's three dining halls - Newcomb, O-Hill, or Runk - you're sure to find any or all of the following: pizza, stir fry, a salad bar, sandwiches, grilled chicken, or pasta. However, despite the dining hall's efforts to mix up their selection of foods, students often resort to more creative culinary experiments, creating innovative and quite tasty new dishes. Here are a few of the interns' favorite dining hall creations and tips:


1. Grilled cheese: Get two slices of bread from the sandwich station. Cover one side of each with butter or margarine. Fill the sandwich with shredded cheddar from the salad bar, leaving the buttered sides of the bread facing out. Place your sandwich in the waffle iron for about two minutes - just long enough to brown the bread and let the cheese melt. Remove and enjoy!

2. Rootbeer float: Pretty simple. Fill a plastic drinking cup about halfway with vanilla ice-cream from the dessert station. Next, head to the soda fountain and fill the rest of the cup with root beer. Voila!

3. Brownie Sundae: Put a brownie (or two!) in a clear drinking cup. Add your choice of ice-cream, then top it off with hot fudge, crumbled cookies, and cherries if available.

4. Ice cream sandwich: Another simple one. Get two cookies from the dessert station. Top one with the ice-cream of your choice and place the second cookie on top. Of course, this tastes even better with a little whipped cream.

5. PB+J granola: Sometimes the dining halls have already prepared PB+J wraps that students open up and scrape into cups to which they add granola. However, if the wraps aren't available that day, simply scoop a spoonful or two of peanut butter and jelly from the breakfast bar and add a handful of granola. Stir and enjoy as is or add a dollop of vanilla yogurt.


Mixing salad: It can be a little tricky to mix the dressing into one's salad with such shallow bowls, but place another bowl on top of the first so that the rims are touching and hold the two together as you shake your salad. This is a great way to cover the entire salad with dressing while making sure none of your cherry tomatoes end up on the ground!

Claiming an omelet: Omelets are perhaps the most popular item in the dining halls at breakfast time and often students will order seconds or thirds before they realize they have only a few minutes to get to that 9:00am class. If you have a few extra minutes and notice an omelet hasn't been claimed by the student whose name has been called, ask the chef if it's up for grabs and more times than not he or she will let you have it.

Cereal to go: Don't have time to sit down for long or do you just want something to snack on during your next class? Fill a to-go coffee cup with your choice of dry cereal (Lucky Charms is often the cereal of choice), put the top on, and carry it with you throughout the day.

Bon app├ętit! 

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