Tuesday, November 11, 2014

UVA at 2am

            There comes a point in the life of every college student when you are writing a paper/studying for an exam/goofing off (or all three) and you look at the clock and it's 2 in the morning. You're tired and wide awake at the same time and don't have the extra brain power to figure out how that can be. Whether you're chilling in club clem (i.e. Clemons library) or camped out in a study room in your dorm, working alone or commiserating with friends, you wonder why you did this to yourself.
            Why didn't you start studying earlier, why didn't you write that paper when you had more time earlier in the semester, and more importantly, does Campus Cookies deliver this late? No, you don't need cookies, you obviously need more coffee, or tea, or a straight shot of caffeine if that's a thing (it totally should be). Or you just need to finish. Yeah, that's definitely the most important thing. Somehow, through the spirit of Thomas Jefferson or the caffeine that you did consumer or your awesome friends who are right there with you, you pull through. You're done! You finally get to take a moment to breathe and appreciate that yes, you can do this whole college thing and though many really smart people go to and have gone to UVA chances are they have been in your same shoes at one point. They were all awake at 2am, studying or at least trying to study and made it through to do great things, like being Tina Fey. And, you know, co-founding reddit.com among other things. You are more aware than ever that you are part of this awesome legacy of excellence and, though the journey can be hard at times, you are truly lucky.
           And then you almost immediately fall asleep because you have class the next morning because apparently your professor didn't get your telepathic message to maybe, possibly, cancel class for once. It's cool though, a hug from Miss Kathy (AKA one of the most awesome people to work for UVA dining/the whole university) will make waking up in a couple hours bearable.

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