Monday, November 17, 2014

Is UVa the New Hogwarts?

While UVa and Hogwarts are from two completely separate worlds, they aren't as different as they seem. Don't believe me? Well, here are some similarities between the two institutions.

Like UVa, students at Hogwarts are referred to by their year. Also, the area surrounding each school is called grounds, not campus.
Head Honchos:
Both schools honor key leaders: Albus Dumbledore and Thomas Jefferson.
Yes, UVa has a quidditch team. No they don't fly.
Although ghosts at UVa don't fly around grounds and converse with students, they're here--according to legends.
You don't have to travel to Hogwarts to enroll in Defense Against the Dark Arts. You can take the same course at UVa by enrolling in CS 4630.
Hogwarts isn't the only school with libraries that contain dark, wood paneled walls, rolling ladders, and squeaky leather chairs. The McGregor Room (aka the Harry Potter Room) in Alderman Library is equally quiet and cozy.
Jefferson's academical village houses both students and faculty for the purpose of enriching interactions between learners and educators. Even today fourth year students continue to live in lawn rooms while some professors live in pavilions. Similarly, most students and professors at Hogwarts live at school during the academic year.
Like Hogsmeade, a few restaurants at The Corner are known to serve butterbeer.

Now do you believe me, Muggles?

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