Thursday, June 22, 2017

Charlottesville Food Scene--- Pt 2 Downtown

Hello prospective students, admitted students, parents, and alumni! Welcome to the second part of the Charlottesville food scene series!

The Downtown Mall

1. Citizen Burger Bar $$
Citizen Burger is the ultimate family restaurant. Not only is their food uh-mazing, but there is always something for everyone. Obviously I'd recommend a burger, particularly the ~classic~ Citizen Burger. Normally, though, I just build my own. Their ingredients are really fresh and high quality, basically you could put any combination of toppings on their burgers and it would probably taste good. Their fries though--- oh, their fries. Their fries are fantastic. Make sure you order a side of sweet potato with you burger, or else you'll surely miss out. 

2. Monsoon Siam $$
Do you like Thai food? Yes? Well, you'll love Monsoon Siam. Monsoon Siam is a fantastic, upscale Thai food restaurant with an equally amazing location. They're right off of the Downtown Mall, with beautiful outdoor seating and string lights galore. They have the classic Pad Thai, etc.-- but what I really recommend you try is the Hell Rice. Monsoon Siam does such a great job of making their Thai food spicy, but not so much that it hides the flavor of their food.

Miso Sweet is a super fun restaurant. Ramen and donuts are their specialties, what a cool combo of foods. Their ramen is not your cup o noodles, their ramen is gourmet and filling and delicious. Such a cool twist on traditional ramen that will surely leave you wanting more. They have pork, beef, chicken, vegetarian-- again, something for everyone. The meat is tender, the eggs runny, and the noodles are simply perfect. Totally recommend it, especially if you're looking for an insta-worthy meal.

4. Mono Loco $$
Mono loco is life-changing. Their food is amazing, but what really struck me when I ate their were their chips. Their chips are made by them and they have corn tortilla chips which are average, but their flour chips are out of this world. The experience of eating those chips has brought me back to their restaurant multiple times- it's like dipping a pastry of some sort in to salsa and guac. Sounds weird but trust me, it works. Their food is also great but if you're looking for a snack this is also a great option. Chips does cost 5$, and their guac is an extra 5, but it's so worth it.

5. Miller's $$
Two of my favorite meals: bratwurst and Waldorf salads. Two meals that Miller's does best: bratwurst and Waldorf salads. Two completely unrelated foods but if you go here please try one of them- because Miller's does such a great job of preparing these two food items. Granted, there are more things on their menu that are super amazing- these just happen to be my favorites! Miller's is a great place for a beer on a summer night (if you're 21), or just to hang out with your pals. It's the closest thing to a "sitcom" pub (read: Paddy's, MacLaren's, etc.) that we have here in Charlottesville. It's good, it's a local spot, and it's casual. They also have live music! Bonus!

6. The Pie Chest $
Who doesn't love pie? I love pie! So much! And the pie chest is the ~place~ for pies in CVille. Their pies are so amazing, ranging from normal sweet pies to savory handpies and pot pies. My favorite is the coconut creme, but the chocolate is also fantastic. Every item on the menu has the classic, Made By Grandma taste to it that is so hard to achieve on your own. I love the pie chest and so should you.

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