Friday, July 5, 2013

"We Come from Old Virginia..."

Hi guys! I am Trisha and this is a picture of Newcomb Hall, our Student Activities Building. It is actually one of my favorite buildings to hang out in, because it has a game room, food court, nice study spaces, and perfect couches for napping. It also houses a lot of our minority resources like the LGBTQ Center, Hispanic/Latino, Asian/Asian Pacific American, Native American, and Middle Eastern Student Services and Programs. Outside of Newcomb, UVA has tons of resources in other areas, for example, the Office of African-American Affairs, the Women Center, the Brody Jewish Center, and on and on. I think it is great how many resources are available for minority students like me. 

I have personally gotten really involved in the LGBTQ community here. I spend a lot of my time volunteering in the LGBTQ Center. (My scrubs are irrelevant to the picture.) 
The LGBTQ Center provides free HIV testing, enthralling company, safe sex materials, a comprehensive library, and just a great hang out place with comfy couches. We also do this cool campaign on Valentine’s Day called “Love is Love” where we wear t-shirts promoting all kinds of love. 

I was asked to perform in Live Homosexual Acts (pardon the poor name choice) where we presented spoken word pieces, music, and monologues about different experiences concerning the LGBTQ community. My favorite one was probably “Coming Out Straight,” because it talked about how hard it was to be a straight ally. Here I am spitting out some mad lyrics about coming out to my dad. Let’s just all enjoy my intense face for a second.

Here I am with the fabulous Scott Rheinheimer, our LGBTQ Center Coordinator. He hails from Birmingham, New York and is ethnically ambiguous. I was also introduced to drag. That is me with Anita Numan on the left at one of the biggest events the Queer Student Union puts on: Drag Bingo. Five rounds of bingo and performances by drag queens and kings and dance-offs and skittles?? That's an incredible experience. On the right, is a picture of me and the phenomenal Pearl Harbor, who just finished performing at Fellini’s #9 Sunday Drag Brunch. Through the LGBTQ center, I have gotten the attention I need and I have been introduced to a whole new community of majestic people who are now some of my best friends.

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