Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Hoo Story!

               As I embark on my first Hoo Stories blog post, I have decided to begin with a brief introduction. I feel in order to understand my stories to come, it is only appropriate I provide you with a bit of background about how I ended up at the Universtiy of Virginia and how it has helped foster my passions and interests in the past three years. Coming from a military family, I could never call a place home for more than two years. So many friends, so many schools, and so many homes had come and gone. When it came time to apply to college, I realized how big of a challenge it was for me to commit to a place for an entire four years. I had so many expectations from college: I needed a challenging academic curriculum, an engaging atmosphere and student body, a beautiful campus (that provided the typical collegiate fall weather that I had dreamed of all my life), and great people that I could just have fun with. Discovering if a school has all of these qualities is no easy task. College visits helped me determine the campus, the curriculum, and of course whether the fall weather would be up to par-- red and orange leaves were a must. However, discerning the types of young adults, the range of activities, and the way of life for students was difficult. Upon touring the University of Virginia for the first time in my Junior year of high school, I found the ease of the student population perfectly balanced with the exciting and stimulating activities and academics they were engaged in. The grounds were beautiful, and the leaves were falling perfectly off the trees into beautiful piles covering the lawn. I was home. 
My First Day of School at UVa
           Now that you have some idea how I ended up in Virginia, I want you to know a little more about me. I am a third year in the College of Arts and Sciences getting degrees in History and the Studies of Women and Gender. I am also in the Curry School of Education getting my masters in Elementary and Special Education in their five year program for undergraduates at UVa. I have tried dozens of different activities in order to find the perfect groups for me. I participate in Sustained Dialogue, which discusses different issues relevent at UVa including "hook-up culture," race, the honor code, and stereotypes. It is the perfect way to meet a completely new group of diverse people looking to talk and share ideas. I work as the Undergraduate Intern in the Admission Office where I plan events and help out wherever I am needed. I'm in a sorority here and currently live in my chapter house. Finally, I participate in Greek IV which is a Christian group on grounds. All of these groups and friends I have made through them have helped create a home away from home for me.
This is my suite in Webb 310 first year
           Every week I hope to post an activity, adventure, or story that I have embarked on that week. From the Charlottesville Farmer's Market to Dorm Sing to adventures around Grounds with friends, I know it won't be difficult to come up with hundreds of stories in the months to come! I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to ask any questions about UVa or Charlottesville life!

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