Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One of UVA's Best Kept Secrets

UVA has numerous libraries - seventeen, in fact.  Many undergraduate students stick to either Clemons or Alderman library- though they can occasionally get crowded, especially around the time of midterms or finals.

Clemons Library
Alderman Library

These libraries are close to old dorms, and close to many buildings where classes are held.  They both have their advantages (Clemons is open 24 hours during the week, and Alderman has the much coveted MacGregor room - commonly referred to as the "Harry Potter" room).

But I've discovered one of UVA's best kept secrets:  the Arthur J. Morris Law School library.

Though the library is geared towards law students, I've found that it's an excellent place to study.  There's a main room (called the Caplin Reading room - pictured below) that is an extremely comfortable place to do work.  There's a second and a third floor, both with plenty of studying space and numerous study rooms for group projects.  Undergraduate students are allowed to study in the library (as long as it isn't during the exam period), and one benefit for upperclassmen is that there's ample parking.  The library is open 8am-midnight every day, and definitely worth checking out!

The Caplin Reading Room of the Law School Library (photo courtesy of www.virginia.edu) 

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