Friday, March 26, 2010

Virginia Automotive Club

One of the coolest things about U.Va., is the ability for students to find clubs and organizations that have to do with things they are interested in. There are so many opportunities; every fall there is a massive Student Activities Fair on the lawn where you can sign up for various clubs and organizations. But let’s say that you don’t see a club for something you really enjoy? Well you can fix that. I was rather disappointed after I browsed through the rows of posters at the activities fair and found no clubs that really dealt with cars. Being an avid automotive enthusiast I would have joined a car club in a heartbeat. I wasn’t didn’t worry much about it at the time but later in the year saw an opportunity to help found a car club and jumped at it. U.Va. has an entire website, that is dedicated to school clubs. It allows students to make their own clubs, pending faculty approval and mange them on a simple easy to use site. I’ll admit that when a fellow hall mate proposed the idea of making our own car club, I didn’t really think it would work or be easy to accomplish. But with the help of the great staff at U.Va., we had our club site up and running with in a week and our looking forward to growing and expanding our club in the coming months. This is just another one of the things I love about U.Va. If you have an idea, let someone know and find a faculty member who will support you, and more than likely you can make your idea into a reality.


  1. You can find the website at

  2. UVA actually had a car club started in 2001 and it lost following in 2006. There was a website and forum ( You can see one of the events here:

    Elias Shaheen, David Radin, and Sam Skaff were the founders of the original UVA car club.. aka CAV cars