Monday, August 3, 2009

Fine Arts

One thing I truly love about this university is the fact that there are so many fun and exciting things to do on the weekends here on grounds. Even though UVA is in such close proximity to some large cities such as Richmond and DC, (and definitely is students need to travel outside of Charlottesville they can easily do so with our Amtrak Station, Greyhound bus services, and through our Charlottesville Airport and Richmond Airport), there are countless activities happening here on the grounds of the university throughout the weekends that students won’t want to leave!

Some of my favorite activities happen to run through our Fine Arts Program. Every single semester, each student receives an unlimited amount of Arts$ attached to their student ID card. These arts dollars can be used by students to attend any type of musical venue or drama event put on through UVA’s department, as well as the Virginia Film Festival that takes place in the spring semester.

Nearly every single weekend, there is an activity put on – whether it’s a stage production, a musical concert, or even a dance concert. It is really neat to be able to attend any of these venues and become exposed to something I am not totally familiar with. Two of my favorite dance productions that I attended this past fall with a few of my closest buds were “Strands in Motion: Fall Dance Concert,” as well as “No Boundaries: Dancing the Vision of Contemporary Black Choreographers.” Personally, I can’t dance or drop a beat to save my life, and therefore, I feel I have a greater appreciation for students and peers that can. It’s really awesome to know that I can go out and basically for free support one of my classmates through a drama department event.

For students who are interested in studying through the Department of Drama , there are many academic programs the department has to offer (both for undergraduate degrees as well as Masters degrees. Whether you want to be the star of the show on center stage or work behind the scenes specializing in costume, lighting and set design and/or technical direction, our Drama Department offers endless opportunities for these interests and is a fantastic place for students to start out!

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