Thursday, July 16, 2009

Highlighting Service

At UVa, we're involved both in the classroom and in the community. We're very fortunate to have a close connection with our city Charlottesville, and through this bond and active students, UVa has witnessed some amazing community service projects.

Pancakes for Parkinson's
For anyone who ever questioned if one person could make a difference, enter the second largest charity event at UVa: Pancakes for Parkinson's. Founded a few years ago by a single student, this organization throws a huge pancake feast on the South Lawn in the Fall. Over 3,000 people gather on the Lawn, eating pancakes, learning about Parkinson's Disease, and donating money. I went last year and here's just a few pictures from that morning:

Madison House
Madison House is the largest service organization on the East Coast. Last year alone, over 110,000 hours were logged. opportunities range from tutoring any subject at any grade level, working in a nursing home, soup kitchen, day care, or mentoring program, and helping with animal care, park area maintenance, or building projects. To see all of their various projects, visit their website listed below.

Fraternities and Sororities
Even our Greek societies get involved. At UVa we have both service and social fraternities and sororities. The social ones have at least one philanthropy per semester while the service ones tend to have several more per year. For more information on our Greek councils, visit "".

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