Wednesday, May 20, 2009

About Me

Well, I'm not exactly sure how I ended up here, but let's try and figure out together. My name is Dana Lapato, and I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa many thousand years ago (by which I mean the 90s). Right before beginning kindergarten, my family moved to Chesterfield, Va, leaving behind the snow and icicles I had enjoyed seeing so often. Around 8 years old, I began riding horses and at 11, I started learning flute. Other little things I picked up were photography, archery, and the studying the Classics. By sophomore year in high school, I was in my school's Wind Ensemble and earned a spot in Latin Academy (one of the best summer adventures of my life).

Fast forward and now I'm a rising Second Year at UVa, studying biology and math. During the week, I practice with the Cavalier Marching Band, as we prepare for the weekend's show. As far as classes, my tastes in subjects have often been called eclectic and probably for good reason. While I am on the science side of Arts and Sciences, I love languages, fiction writing, and reading (especially if it's in the original Latin--yes, I'm a geek, but then again, this is UVa). Also, if you don't read xkcd (, I highly encourage it as it could lead to new hobbies and a heightened awareness of velociraptors.

Hooray for Dorm Public Service Announcements.

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